Hotel Advice

Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel

Dear guest:

We want to inform you that the City Council is carrying out remodeling work on 47th Street, where the Hotel is located. According to the reports we have received from the municipal authorities, the works are developing quite quickly, so it is estimated that the project will end in August 2023.

Most of the works are carried out during the day (9am to 5pm) and cause minimal noise and dust inconvenience. On a weekly basis, the authorities will be informing us about the progress of the work, so we will issue informative bulletins with updates as well as any changes in our operations and access to the Hotel.

We understand that this situation may affect the quality of your stay, but we can assure you that within the Hotel facilities, we will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

We appreciate your patience during this process and invite you to visit the Coming Soon tab to view the project in pictures and to contact the hotel if you have any specific questions about the work being done.

We are convinced that these temporary inconveniences will welcome an extraordinary project that will benefit the area and all those who visit us in the renovated gastronomic area of Merida this coming August 2023.