Our philosophy

Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel


We believe that to fully appreciate this magical region, the hotel you choose should also add to the travel experience. Casa Lecanda was designed for the distinguished traveler who seeks, not only the privacy and intimacy of a boutique property, but also an authentic and unique experience during his visit to Mexico. Our mission is to provide our guests with unparalleled service and a personalized experience together with an exclusive and peaceful environment, full of exuberant beauty and all the modern comforts of a contemporary hotel. The house has been designed to preserve the original meaning of a home with special attention to detail, architecture, landscaping and comfort to provide our guests with a perfect environment. The spacious patios and gardens inside the house provide the ideal environment to relax and enjoy the peaceful city of Merida. We welcome all travelers who wish to experience not only the historical places they visit, but also the place where they stay.

In 2009, the new owners together with a team of architects from Yucatan began the process of restoration and adaptation of the ruins that would turn Casa Lecanda into a conceptual hotel with the main objective of maintaining all the authenticity of the house using original materials and elements of the home. This process restored most of the original carpentry, clay floors and finishes with all the comforts of a luxurious and contemporary hotel.

The house is lived in the three different patios connected by the exterior gardens that run the length of the property. The first patio has a fountain surrounded by plants and palm trees, all enclosed in an original stone floor design.

Three neoclassical facades face this central patio and serve as entrance to most of the living areas of the home. The second patio connects the day area of ​​the rooms with elegant stone and marble arches that blend with the tropical vegetation and white waters of the pool, an ideal setting to mitigate the tropical climate. The third and last patio is located under ancient French tiles with authentic Meridana hammocks that characterize the authentic local traditions of Yucatan life, a perfect place to enjoy the warm afternoons.

The complete concept uses a palette of light colors to increase the effect of solar lighting in the interior areas.

The prominence of the details in its floors based on tiles in paste and stone, as well as the extensive use of wood in carpentry and furniture, contribute to having warm and human areas, the use of terraces such as solariums, balconies and gardens, double the open space of the house The authentic high ceilings and thick walls are softened by the poetic use of architecture and lighting to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Most of the lighting, interior design and furniture take as reference the typical elements of Merida with a contemporary flare, all of which are elaborated by expert local craftsmen so that they integrate perfectly with the natural environment of the home.


Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel